Why Rental Power?

  • Prime Power for a remote area
  • Back-up support for critical loads
  • Temporary Power for any special event
  • Short-term additional Power requirement
  • Back-up Power for scheduled maintenance
  • Standby /Peak up Power for special purpose
  • Emergency Power during any natural calamity
  • Limited Power need during Planned Shutdowns
  • Hassle-free continued operations
  • Uninterrupted Power without tripping
  • Superior fuel efficiency with best performance
  • Restricting maximum demand with State Electricity Board
  • Starting the new set up without waiting for SEB Connection
  • Averting problems like inconsistent and poor quality SEB Power
  • Ensuring concentration on own main business without bothering about Power generation & maintenance
  And for saving on:
  • Power tripping loses
  • Initial connection cost
  • Hefty capital investment
  • Power connection period
  • Cost per Unit of Electricity
  • Minimum commitment charges

  Why GPPL Rental Power?

   To get:

  • Prompt delivery
  • Productivity gains
  • Assured availability
  • Superior Power quality
  • Economized fuel consumption
  • Round the clock single window service support
  • Personalized services with professional approach
  • Promising big success of business by overall peace of mind

Considering the expenditure on operation, periodical maintenance with parts replacement, Accidents and funding cost; It would be a wiser step to go for Economical, Uninterrupted and Reliable GPPL Rental Power Wherever & Whenever needed without any Capital Investment; Waiting or Worries and get many measurable benefits as enumerated above.