The most experienced and wide-spread GPPL eyes are keeping watch on the market for the used but good-conditioned disposable sets that are normally run for lesser hours with the firsthand owners. After procuring them at reasonable rates, these sets are then thoroughly overhauled by GPPL expert team for own Generator rental business.

As a connected activity to expand the business portfolio; GPPL also sells these sets to actual users at the most moderate rates with warranty. By adopting the most preferred barter system, a client can exchange the Generator capacity periodically according to the plant requirement with short term planning.

We would like to share with our prestigious web watchers the decade old story that-

We have provided 3 reconditioned D.G.Sets of 500 KVA capacity to ‘AEC - the Ahmedabad electricity company limited’ (presently known as Torrent Power Limited) for their Sabarmati Powerhouse - Ahmedabad in year 2001 as their last backup to use in case of final blackout of complete Grid.

We all know them as the biggest and most reliable private power provider of Gujarat and hence for us it is a great owner that we won their faith. These sets are running efficiently since long with our back up services at the same place of high importance.

We can utter just a few words;
they relied upon us They are smiling
Trust us and give us chance