GPPL provides Silent and Reliable Rental Power for different purposes to diverse segments in varied patterns; wherever, whenever and however it may be required:

  • Temporary for a day or constant for a Decade
  • Standby, Seasonal, Scheduled, Emergency or Prime mover
  • Construction, Inauguration, Trial testing, Production, Dispatch or Expansion
  • Celebration of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings or even Divorces
  • A Gigantic Refinery or a little gas station, for a massive mall or a miniature market, for a Multistoried tower or a Dharawi Zuggi, at Kashmir or at Kanyakumari…….
You can:
  • Start power within 30 minutes by LT/ HT RTU Generators
  • Obtain multi-megawatt synchronized power within 16 to 48 hours
  • Get Silent Sets installed in Canopy / Container
  • Have multi-fuel choice from Diesel / LDO / CNG / Kerosene
  • Avail round the clock services anywhere in India