Major steps to be taken and factors to be considered before availing the Rental D. G. Sets:

  • Workout the exact capacity of power utilization with its maximum torque point cum torque duration to finalize the proper size of Generator Set.
  • Calculate load at 0.8 power factor in Ampere & KW both and select the Rental DG Set rating with consideration of highest mark.
  • Almost all the new DG Sets are run up to its’ 85% capacity for normal AC Drive load. Workout with 75% continuous loading for cautious calculation.
  • Define the AC & DC Drive loads separately; as pulses are very high in DC Drive and utilization ratio is very low in DG Set. (40 to 60% depending upon its pulses)
  • Verify the power need Frequency – 50 or 60 Hz & Volts as normal machineries run on 50 Hz with Volts between 400 to 440 but some foreign made machineries run on 60 Hz with Volts between 380 to 460.
  • Find out the average utilization of power with lesser torque – you may transfer some bigger and fluctuated loads to SEB power to limit down the size of rental DG Set.
  • Notify if you require Mobile Sets. (You may get Trolley mounted Sets up to 125 KVA and Bigger as Vehicle mounted for special use). Avail a mobile DG only if it is inevitable; as it will cost you extra.
  • Inform the Suppliers beforehand if you require the Set for any special locations like Offshore / Desert / Forest / Hill station / Airspace etc. as special rates shall apply for such sites.
  • Examine the actual requirement for other linked Accessories like Cable / Changeover / Synchronized panel / Distribution panel etc. (all these have extra cost so it is advisable to ascertain beforehand exact need of each item.)
  • Determine the exact date of commencement of DG as up to 1.25 MW DG Set can be put to use maximum within 1-day. Save by reducing the Idle days in beginning.
  • Permission to run the Generator is just a paper formality which is required in almost all the States. Verify the local rules with concerned area Office or through Consultant so as to avoid the harassments.
  • Electricity duty is applicable on generated Electrical Units by Generators in most of the States. This is second part of permission. Check the local rules to follow the system.
  • Work out your Power requirement Phase wise – you may start with considering small capacity DG Set for Construction, Medium size for Trial testing, Large size for Production / Standby in starting years, Multi Megawatts after some years and Finally a Huge Power Plant at the peak stage.
  • Ascertain that the set with what Fuel is required on the basis of availability of particular Fuel at Plant or at nearby location with its cost effect. (availability through pipe lines at reasonable rate is better for viability of CNG Sets)
  • Determine the period of Rental Contract as rates will be more competitive in case of longer period. (for CNG Sets long term Contract is essential.)
  • Determine the monthly working hours as rates will vary on the basis of running hours.
  • Look for the Brand & Manufacturer while selecting the D.G. Set. Be it an Internationally renowned or altogether an unknown brand, it should be best suited for Indian Locales and atmosphere along with assured and speedy availability of Spares, Back-up Services & highest Resale value.
  • The last but not the least important is your DG Providers: examine carefully all the factors like their Field Experience, Way of Dealing, Infrastructure, Punctuality in delivery, Professional approach, Transparency in contract clauses, Existing Client base, Repeat orders from existing clients, Quantity of Sets, Strength of operating crew and Servicing Staff, Competitive Hire Charges etc.