GPPL Profile :

Gujarat Powerfield Pvt. Ltd., headquartered at Ahmedabad is a leader in Gujarat and one of the prominent players in national power renting sector. Since last 30 years, group is undertaking a range of diverse activities linked with power; mainly renting of LT/HT Generators in all over India; offers round the clock rental power for an hour or for a decade to all the segments wherever the human being is concerned – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Construction, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mining, Oil-Gas, Retail, Media Utilities, Defense and so on.

The group had entered in to Power sector in mid-eighties initially to provide the quality services to its Ahmedabad and surrounding area clients by supplying reliable & guaranteed Cummins engine spares. Periodically and gradually, it spread the wings to whole Gujarat, nearby states and started the activities of selling of reconditioned engine / Generator Sets and hiring of dozers.

Expansion and diversification is the way of life for the group and in that process, group in 1995 started the activity of generator renting; which now has become the main business of the company. During the course of time, Company has been adding up various activities directly related to its main business such as Renting of Invertors, Transformers, Panels, Cables, Cooling Towers, Forklifts etc.